Graduate Supervision

PhD Supervision 

Maryam Ekthiari (Koç University), Unveiling Clandestine Trajectories: Exploring Afghan Migrants Transformative Journeys across Iran, Türkiye, and Europe (working title).

Canan Uçar (Koç University), Making place, local taste, and global commodity: Antep pistachio (working title).

Pınar Ensari (Koç University), Crossing Borders, Constructing Boundaries: Negotiating Mobility and Gender in Turkey-Georgia Borderland (working title). (co-supervised with Ahmet İçduygu)

Eda Kirişçioğlu (University of Amsterdam / Koç University) Border perceptions and migration aspirations (working title), (co-supervised with Anja van Heelsum, Ahmet İçduygu, Barak Kalir)

Judy Woods (Koç University), “How do cross-border marriage migration and state citizenship regimes affect and influence one another. The case of Turkey” (co-supervised with Ahmet İçduygu)

MA Supervision 

Amna Ahmed (Koç University) Rethinking Gender & Migration: The Case of South Asian Migrants in Turkey (working title)

Doğa Dilbilmez (Koç University) Being an Immigrant Employee in NGOs: A Steppingstone or not in the Turkish Context (working title)

Kübra Ergün, (Koç University), The Impact of Uncertainty and Institutional Design:
UNHCR and IOM’s Competing Discourses on Climate Change Related Mobility, MA in International Relations, degree awarded in July 2022.

Bal Damla Polat (Koç University), The Frontline Workers in I/NGOs: A Multi-Layered Precarity, MA in International Relations, degree awarded in September 2020 (co–supervised with Özlem Altan-Olcay).

Eda Kirişçioğlu (Koç University) “States’ conceptualization of border security in relation to migration: the case of Turkey’s mass migration flows”, MA in International Relations, degree awarded in 2018.