My research interests are international migration at large, particularly irregular migration, refugee integration, aspirations, migration policies, externalization

Recent Publications:

The Governance of International Migration: Irregular Migrants’ Access to Right to Stay in Turkey and Morocco, 2018, Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press. (open access available)

Externalization at Work: Responses to Migration Policies from the Global South”, Comparative Migration Studies  8 (4), 2020.  (Special Issue co-edited with Inka Stock and Susanne Schultz).

“‘Street-level justifications’: Service providers mediating refugee reception in the urban context of Istanbul”, Journal of Refugee Studies, 2020, online version.

How COVID‐19 financially hit urban refugees: evidence from mixed‐method research with citizens and Syrian refugees in TurkeyDisasters, 2021 online version. (co-authored with Ezgi Elçi, and Eda Kirisçioglu)

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