Asst. Prof. at the Dept. of Computer Engineering at Koç University in Istanbul.

Previously, a postdoc at VGG, at the University of Oxford, working with Andrea Vedaldi and Andrew Zisserman; and a Ph.D. student at the MPI for Intelligent Systems, working with Andreas Geiger.

Interested in 3D computer vision and representation learning from video sequences. Previously worked on action recognition, motion estimation, depth estimation, and multi-view 3D reconstruction.

I’m leading a small team called Autonomous Vision Group (AVG) with amazing students under the roof of the KUIS AI center. We are working on a range of topics including but not limited to monocular depth estimation and semantic segmentation, multi-object tracking, unsupervised video object segmentation, end-to-end learning of driving, and stochastic future prediction. We are always looking for enthusiastic graduate students (Positions) and are open to new collaborations! Feel free to email me.

I’m hosting the Q&AI podcast with faculty and students at the KUIS AI!
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