1. UNDP (United Nations Development Program), 2020: EVSAR: A Decision Support System for Home Healthcare Routing and Scheduling, Principle Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: 50,000 USD.
  2. TUBITAK Research Project, (119M229), 2019-2022: Optimization of Mobile Aid Provision to En Route Refugees, Investigators: D. Günneç, F. S. Salman, E. Yücel, Funding: 347,410 TL
  3. RCUK-TUBITAK Research Project (216M380), 2016-2019: Innovating the Turkish Supply Chain for Services in Humanitarian Aid, Principle Investigators: F. S. Salman and S. de Leeuw, Funding: 771,824 TL.
  4. Borusan Logistics Company Research Project, 2016–2017: Optimizing Domestic Freight Operations of a 3PL Carrier in Turkey, Principle Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: 54,000 TL.
  5. TUBITAK Research Project, (114M373), 2014-2016: Optimization of Arc Routing Decisions in Real-Time for Emergency Route Clearing in Disaster Response, Principle Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: 139,695 TL.
  6. TUBITAK Research Project, (111M357), 2012-2014: Logistics Planning for Restoring the Connectivity of Highways after a Disaster, Principle Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: 93,340 TL.
  7. NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant, 2007-2009: Locating Disaster Response Facilities for Effective Distribution of Emergency Supplies, Principle Investigators: F. S. Salman, R. Hassin, R. Ravi. Funding: 10,000 Euro.
  8.  TUBITAK CAREER AWARD (105M316), 2006-2011: Stochastic Network Optimization Methods with Applications in Disaster Management, Principle Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: 228,660 TL.
  9.  TUBITAK Research Project, (106M175), 2006-2008: Call Center Workforce Planning; Investigators: L. Ormeci, D. Aksen, A. Erdem, F. S. Salman, S. Savas. Funding: 101,114 TL.
  10. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2006-2007: Post-disaster Logistics Planning for the City of Istanbul; Co-investigators: D. Gunnec, F. S. Salman. Funding: 15,000 TL.
  11. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2006-2007: Automatic Video Processing for Traffic Data Generation, Co-investigators: A. M. Tekalp, F. S. Salman. Funding: 10,000 TL.
  12. KUMPEM, 2004-2006: Vendor Selection under Product Assortment and Inventory Considerations; Co-Principal Investigators: F. Karaesmen, F. S. Salman, M. Türkay; Funding: $19,000.