Inspired by the spontaneous scalarization scenario, I have been building a research program on alternative theories of gravitation that feature large deviations from general relativity in the strong field regime. Existing tests already rule out large deviations in the weak fields, and the limited precision of gravitational wave detectors means only relatively large deviations can be observed in the strong field in the near future. I have demonstrated the generality of the mechanisms for spontaneous growth beyond scalars. More recently, I have introduced the idea that a large family of theories with large deviations from GR in the strong field have the common property of containing instabilities that are regularized by nonlinear effects. This opens the door for a systematic study of modification to GR in the strong field, and makes previously unknown connections to massive gravity and Horndeski theories. This is an unexplored area both in theory building and study of observational signatures for gravitational wave science.

I have been interested in quantum gravity, especially the information loss problem, since my graduate years. I am currently returning to this field to continue my research on the CGHS model.

I did some work on neuroscience and foundations of quantum mechanics in ancient history, though I am not active in these fields.

Current Group Members:
Andrew Coates (Postdoc)
Afra Akram (PhD)
Semih Tuna (UG)
Ekrem Demirboga (UG)