Current Students

  • Bekir Berker Türker, PhD, Sept 2013 – present (co-advising with T.M. Sezgin and Y. Yemez)
  • Ibrahim Shoer, PhD, Sept 2020 – present
  • Sitare Arslantürk, MS, Sept 2021 – present

Ph.D. Alumni

  • Berkay Köprü, Koç University, September 2022
    Affective Video Summarization
  • Sassan Asadiabadi, Koç University, January 2021
    Deep Learning Approaches for Vocal Tract Boundary Segmentation in rtMRI
  • Sina Mojtahedi, Koç University, November 2020
    Modelling the Integration of Interaural Time and Level Cues in Sound Lateralization based on a Diversity Combination Perspective
  • Nusrah Hussain, Koç University, September 2020
    Engaging Human-Robot Interaction with Batch Reinforcement Learning
  • Rizwan Sadiq, Koç University, September 2020
    Domain Adaptation for Speech-Driven Affective Facial Synthesis
  • Syeda Narjis Fatima, Koç University, June 2020
    Continuous Emotion Recognition in Dyadic Interactions
  • M.A. Tuğtekin Turan, Koç University, March 2019
    Use of Transfer Learning for Automatic Dietary Monitoring through Throat Microphone Recording
  • Altynbek Isabekov, Koç University, March 2018
    On the Importance of Hidden Bias and Hidden Entropy in Representational Efficiency of the Gaussian-Bipolar Restricted Boltzmann Machines
  • Elif Bozkurt, Koç University, September 2016
    Multimodal Analysis and Synthesis of Affective Interactions Between Speech Prosody and Expressions of Human Body
  • Ferda Ofli, Koç University, August 2010
    Audiovisual Analysis for Learning and Synthesis of Dance Performances

M.S. Alumni

  • Ege Kesim, Koç University,  September 2021
    Modeling and Monitoring of Engagement and Affect in Human-Computer Interaction Systems
  • Ece Ayık, Koç University,  September 2019
    Design and Realization of a Single Board Computer-Based Device Generating Stimulus-Synchronized Event Codes for Evoked Potential Recording
  • Hazan Ezgi Imer, Koç University, September 2017
    A Wearable Sensory System Design for Spine Monitoring
  • Sassan Asadiabadi, Koç University, January 2017
    Vocal Tract Contour Tracking for Real-time Speech MRI Using a Shape Model Prior
  • Sinan Keçeci, Koç University, September 2016
    Multimodal Analysis of the JESTKOD database for Affective Dyadic Interactions
  • M.A. Tuğtekin Turan, Koç University, August 2013
    Enhancement of Throat Microphone Recordings using Gaussian Mixture Model Probabilistic Estimator
  • Can Yağlı, Koç University, November 2010
    Artificial Bandwidth Extension of Speech using Temporal Clustering
  • Elif Bozkurt, Koç̧ University, July 2010
    New Spectral Features and Classifier Architectures for Emotion Recognition from Spontaneous Speech
  • Emre Öztürk, KoçUniversity, July 2010
    Driver Status Identification From Driving Behavior Signals
  • Yasemin Demir, Koç University, December 2008
    Music-Driven Dance Synthesis by Multimodal Dance Performance Analysis
  • M. Emre Sargın, Koç University, August 2006
    Audio-Visual Correlation Modeling for Speaker Identification and Synthesis
  • Ulaş Bağcı, Koç University, September 2005
    Boosting Classifiers for Automatic Music Genre Classification
  • H. Ertan Çetingül, Koç University, July 2005
    Discrimination Analysis of Lip Motion Features for Multimodal Speaker Identification and Speech-Reading
  • Alper Kanak, Koç University, August 2003
    Multimodal Speaker Identification with Audio-Video Processing