About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Koc University. I received my Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2020 and 2018, respectively. I am a Fulbright Scholarship recipient. Prior to Georgia Institute of Technology, I received my B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Koc University in 2016, and my high school degree from Robert College in 2012.

My research interests include biomedical signal processing, wearable device design, physiological monitoring systems, acoustic analysis, digital biomarkers, applied machine learning and data science.

I am the Director of the Physiological Analysis and Wearable Systems Research Lab at Koc University. If you want to learn more about our research group and projects, please visit our lab website.

Contact : besemiz [at] ku.edu.tr


Dec 6, 2022: Our paper ‘A Novel Multi-Modal Sensing System Prototype for Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary Monitoring’ has been accepted for oral presentation at the 16th International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices (BIODEVICES 2023). Congrats Yusuf!

Dec 6, 2022: Our paper ‘Spectral Analysis of Cardiogenic Vibrations to Distinguish Between Valvular Heart Diseases’ has been accepted for oral presentation at the 16th International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing (BIOSIGNALS 2023). Congrats Ecem!

Sep 23, 2022: New project alert! Our proposal ‘SenseKnee: Wearable Sensor-based Analysis Framework for Rehabilitation Monitoring Following Total Knee Arthroplasty’ has been accepted for funding by TÜSEB-B (in collaboration with Dr. Birsel from Orthopedics and Traumatology Department).

July 24, 2022: Our paper ‘Unveiling the Relationships Between Seismocardiogram Signals, Physical Activity Types and Metabolic Equivalent of Task Scores’ has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering!

July 6, 2022: Our paper ‘Physical Activity Recognition using Deep Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks’ has been accepted for presentation at the 20th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing!

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