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Submitted publication

  1. O. Ergen, et. al., “Screen engineered field effect Cu2O based solar cells”, Lab on Chip, IEEE Electron Device Letters, submitted.
  2. O. Ergen, et. al., “Real-Time Chemical and Mechanical Human motion monitoring with aerogel based wearable sensors”, Lab on Chip, submitted.
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  4. M.Ergen, F. Inan, O. Ergen, I. Shayea “ Edge on Wheels in 6G with Omnibus Networking”, IEEE Communications Magazine, submitted.

To be submitted publication

  1. O. Ergen, et. al., “Chemically and mechanically stable rechargeable solid-state Li batteries utilizing boron nitride aerogel based coatings”, to be submitted

Patents (In-press and to be submitted)

  1. United States Patent, O.Ergen, et al, “Method for Precise Identification of Power Outage Location by Using Wi-Fi Access Points”
  2. United States Patent, O.Ergen, et al, “Method for Cost-Effective Grid Edge Management Utilizing Wireless Information”

Ongoing research and publications:

    1. O. Ergen, et. al.,” Early oral cancer detection sensor (EoCDS) using nanoengineered aerogel composite structures”
    2. O.Ergen, et. al.,“Direct chemical conversion of graphene to hexagonal boron nitride with using laser ablation”
    3. O.Ergen, et. al.,“Li-air, rechargeable, solid-state batteries using modified boron interfaces”
    4. O. Ergen, et. al.,“Solving WiFi Waste with Developing an Artificial Intelligence Solution to Collaboratively Control and Optimize the World’s WiFi”
    5. O. Ergen, et. al.,“Intelligent sensing tools for battery capacity management”