Ankara Fen Lisesi, 1964-1967, High School Diploma
    Middle East Technical University, 1967-1971, BS in Chemistry
    Middle East Technical University, 1971-1973, MS in Theoretical Chemistry
    Virginia Commonwealth University, 1973-1976, PhD in Chemistry
    Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, June 1973-June 1976, Teaching Assistant
    University of Bielefeld, Germany, Dec 1976-Sep 1980, Researcher
    Jagellonian University, Poland, Dec 1981, Visiting Professor
    Middle East Technical University, Turkey, Oct 1980-Nov 1981, Assistant Professor
    Middle East Technical University, Turkey, Nov 1981-Dec 1988, Associate Professor
    Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, Mar 1987-Mar 1989,Visıting Professor
    Middle East Techncal University, Turkey, Dec 1988-Sep 1995, Professor
    Koç University, Turkey, Oct 1995- Professor
    Middle East Technical University,Chemistry Dep. AssociateChairman,Oct 1984-Nov 1986
    TÜBİTAK(Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey),AssociateVise President in charge of Scolarships and Fellowships,July 1991-Nov 1992
    Middle East Technical University,School of Education, Dean,Jan 1993-Sep 1995
    TÜBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences), Member of the Executive Council, Nov 1997 – Nov 2001
    TÜBA, Search Committee for Members, Chair, Oct.2005 –Jan 2008, March 2010-
    Koç Uni. College of Arts and Sciences, Dean June 2001 –Sep 2008
    Koç Uni. College of Sciences, Dean Sep 2008 –Aug 2010
    Bilim Akademisi Executive Committee: Nov.2011 –
    TÜBİTAK Science Recognition Award 1983
    Sedat Simavi Science Award 1995
    Associate Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences 1994
    Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences 1997
    Founding member of Bilim Akademisi
    Member of the Editorial Board of:
    Turkish Journal of Chemistry
    Journal of Mathematical Chemistry