Research Interest

Our laboratory offers a world-class facility that combines sophisticated optical, electrical, electrochemical, electrophysiological, nanomaterial synthesis, device fabrication and tissue culture infrastructure.

We also have direct access to the Koç University – Research Center for Translational Medicine (, Koç University Nanofabrication and Nanocharacterization Center for Scientific and Technological Advanced Research (, Koç University Surface Science and Technology Center (, Koc University Tupras Energy Center (, and animal research facility.

Bioelectronics: We develop novel bioelectronic retinal implants against blindness. These devices are made of nanomaterials and they convert optical energy to ionic currents for stimulation of neurons. In our lab, we design, fabricate and characterize these flexible devices, and test their response on neurons.





Light-emitting diodes: We develop efficient light emitting diodes made of nanomaterials for displays and lighting. For that we develop new nanomaterials and integrate them into unconventional device architectures.




Luminescent Solar Concentrators


Novel Nanomaterials