Proffessional Participation

o   Founding member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (1993-present)

o   President and Past President of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (1990-1994); Previous offices:

o   President-elect and Vice President (1988-1990)

o   Deputy Secretary General (1986-1988)

o   Executive Council member (1982-1994)

o   Vice President (1996-2000) and Executive Council Member of the International Union of Psychological Science (1988-2004), affiliated with ICSU and ISSC under the auspices of UNESCO.

o   President of the Turkish Psychological Association (1992-1994)

o   Associate Editor of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (1991-1993)

o   Present or past Member of Editorial Board:

  • International Journal of Psychology
  • International Migration
  • Turkish Psychology Journal
  • Hacettepe Journal of Population Studies
  • Journal of Economic Psychology
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology Monographs
  • Psychology and Developing Societies
  • Applied Psychology: An International Review
  • Early Childhood Research
  • Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
  • International Perspectives in Psychology

o   Member of International Advisory Board of Editors:

  • International Handbook of Psychology
  • International Encyclopedia of Psychology

o   Member of:

  • International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • International Council of Psychologists
  • Turkish Psychological Association
  • Turkish Social Science Association
  • International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development
  • International Association of Applied Psychology
  • Foreign affiliate of the American Psychological Association

o   Founding member and Trustee of Turkish Cultural Foundation (1973-present).

o   Trustee of AFS International/Intercultural Programs (1978-1987)

o   Member of the Advisory Board of Middle East Research Awards in Population and Development (Ford Foundation-IDRC-Population Council) (1986-89)

o   Advisor to the Consultative Group an Early Childhood Care and Development, UNICEF (1986-1997)

o   Member of the five-person International Board of Editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Children’s Britannica and Compton’s Encyclopedia Turkish Versions. (completed, 1993)

o   Organizer of the 8th Biennial International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology (6-10 July 1986)

o   Member of the Simavi Foundation Social Science Award Jury (1981-1993)

o   Member of C. T. Gürson Child Health Foundation Award Jury (1985-1993)

o   Member of the Milliyet Social Science Award Jury (1986)

o   Member of the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation IEA Preprimary Project Content Review Panel, (1992-2000)

o   Member of the Advisory Board, International Literacy Institute (University of Pennsylvania) (1994-2000)

o   Founding member and Scientific Advisor, member of the Board of Directors, Mother-Child Education Foundation (1993-present)

o   Member of the Scientific Board, Turkish Foundation for Economic and Social Studies (1996-2000)

o   Member of the Aydın Doğan Social Science Jury, 1998

o   Member of the Advisory Board of St. Francis College Center for International and Cross-Cultural Psychology, New York

o   Honorary member of Turkish Australian Society

o   Member of Scientific Committee of CROP (Comparative Research Program on Poverty) of the International Social Science Council (1996-1999)

o   Member of the International Children’s Center Board of Advisors (2000-present)

o   Member, Koç University, Faculty Council 1995-present)

o   Member, Advisory Committee of XVIII. International Congress of Psychology, 8-13 August, 2004, Beijing, China.

o   Turkish Psychological Association; Turkish Social Science Association.

o   Member, Advisory Board, Educational Reform Initiative (1998-present)

o   Member of the Evaluation Board of the European Science Foundation’s Standing Committees in the Social Sciences and Humanities (2002)

o   Vice President and Member, Executive Council of the International Social Science Council (under the auspices of UNESCO (2002- 2008)

o   Member of the Policy Committee for Science in Developing Countries of the International Council for Science (ICSU)

o   Chair, Nominating Committee for Social Sciences of TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, 2010.

o   Honorary President, IACCP Regional Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Istanbul, Turkey, June 30-July 3, 2011.

o   Chair, Scientific Committee, The 12thEuropean Congress of Psychology, Istanbul, Turkey, July, 4-8, 2011.

o   Member, Faculty Council and Faculty Executive Council, Koç University.

o   Scientific Advisor to Parent Education Program, Prime Ministry of Family and Social Research, 2011

o   Member, Global Relations Forum, 2011

o   Member, Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, 2014

o   Member of Science Academy (2013 –  )

o  Member of the Executive Council, VKV Koç Schools (2013-  )

o  Member of the Scientific Committee of the IACCP Conference, Los Angeles, USA, June 20 – 22, 2013.

o  Member of International Scientific Advisory Board, 14th European Congress of Psychology, Milano, July 7 – 10, 2015.

o  Member of International Scientific Advisory Board, 17th European Congress of Developmental Psychology, Braga, Sept 8-12, 2015.

o  Member of International Advisory Board, Center for Applied Cross-Cultural Research, Wellington, New Zealand, March 25, 2015.