Papers Presented

  1. “Application of the D 48 Test in Turkey” at Conference on Cultural Factors in Mental Test Development:  Application and Interpretation, Istanbul, July, 1971.
  2. “Psychological aspects of modernization” at the 17th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Liege, Belgium, July 1971, and at the 2nd Delphic Colloquium on the Family, Cyprus, June 1982.
  3. “Psychological approaches to fertility behavior in Turkey” at UNESCO Workshop on Family Adjustment to Social Change in the Middle East and North Africa, Beirut, Lebanon, July 1-5, 1974.
  4. “Decision-making and the value of children” at Population Tribune, World Population Conference, Bucharest. Romania, August 23, 1984.
  5. “Modernity and the role of women in Turkey” at Beirut University College Seminar, Beirut, January 7, 1975.
  6. “Value of Children” at 2nd Turkish Population Conference, Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey, Sept. 29-Oct.1, 1975.
  7. “The Value of children in Turkey: Perspectives and preliminary findings” at the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) Seminar on Household Models of Economic-Demographic Decision Making, Mexico-City, Nov. 4-6, 1976, and Middle East Studies Association (MESA) 10th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, Nov. 10-13, 1976 and Organization for the Promotion of the Social Sciences in the Middle East Workshop, Kuwait, Nov. 27-30, 1976.
  8. “The Value of children: Some social psychological determinants of fertility in Turkey” at the U.N.  Expert Group Meeting on Demographic Transition and Socio-Economic Development. İstanbul, April 27-May 4, 1977.
  9. “Some social psychological correlates of fertility in Turkey” at IUSSP General Conference, Mexico City, August 8-13, 1977.
  10. “Modernization and values in Turkey” at MESA 11th Annual Meeting, New York, Nov. 9-12, 1977.
  11. “The potential role of social psychological research in Development” at Ford Foundation Seminar, New York, Nov. 14, 1977.
  12. “Modernization, values and fertility in Turkey” at Columbia University, Near East Seminar, New York, Nov. 15, 1977.
  13. “Value of children, women’s role and fertility in Turkey” at International Seminar on Women in Turkish Society, İstanbul, May 21-25, 1978.
  14. “The value of children: Motivations for childbearing in Turkey” at the 3rd European Colloquium on Economic Psychology, Augsburg, Germany,  July 27-29, 1978, and the 19th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Munich, Germany, July 30-August 5, 1978 and University of Copenhagen, Demography Institute Seminar, August 10, 1978.
  15. “Old-age security value of children and the care of the aged” at U.N. Seminar on Informal Action for the Welfare of the Aged, Copenhagen, March 26- April 3, 1978.
  16. “Effects of employment and children on women’s status and fertility decisions” at IDRC Workshop on Women’s Roles and Fertility, Ottawa, June 25-27, 1979.
  17. “Old-age security value of children and development: Cross-National Evidence” at International Sociological Association, Committee on Family Research 17th International Seminar, Helsinki, Nov. 26-30, 1979.
  18. “Early childhood development and education project in Turkey” at Council of Europe, Cultural Cooperation Conference, “From Birth to Eight:” Young Children in European Society in the 1980s” Strasbourg, Dec. 17-20, 1979.
  19. “How does the traditional family cope with disasters? Observations from Turkey” at International Sociological Association, Committee on Family Research, 18th International Seminar, Uppsala, June 16-19, 1980.
  20. “Desired family size and contraceptive use” at World Fertility Survey Conference, London, July 6-11, 1980.
  21. “Rural women and development in Turkey” at International Seminar on Rural Women and Development”, Cairo, Dec. 1-4, 1980.
  22. “Early childhood education and preschool intervention: Experiences in the world and in Turkey” at International Seminar on Relations between Pre-School and Primary Education, Bogota, Colombia, May 26-29, 1981.
  23. “Assessment of values and attitudes in the study of fertility Problems and Prospects” at Human Assessment and Cultural Factors Conference, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, August 23-28, 1981.
  24. “Inventory of projects ongoing in 1980 on the psychological aspects of family planning in Turkey” World Health Organization Conference, Geneva, Nov. 19-20, 1981.
  25. “The relevance of social psychology for development: Research examples from Turkey” at the 6th International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 19-23, 1982.
  26. “Socialization in traditional society: A challenge to psychology” at the International Union of Psychological Science and UNESCO Conference on the Impact of Psychology upon the Third World, Edinburg, Scotland, July 24-26, 1982.
  27. “The impact of work and fertility on women: Cross-national evidence” at the 20th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Edinburg, Scotland, July 25-31, 1982.
  28. “Immigrant populations in Europe: Problems viewed from the sending country” solicited paper, European Population Conference, Strasbourg, France, Sept. 21-24, 1982.
  29. “Problems of child development in Turkey” at UNESCO Meeting on the Changing Family in the Changing World, Munich, Germany, Nov. 22-25, 1982.
  30.  “Problems in sex-role development in traditional society and their reflection in education” International Seminar on the Turkish Experience on the Elaboration and Application of Community School Programs for Boys and Girls, Ankara, 1982. UNESCO.
  31. “A model of family change in Turkey” at Middle East Studies Association 17th Annual Meeting, Chicago, Nov. 3-6, 1983.
  32. “Socio-economic development in Turkey and the changing family culture” Columbia University Seminars for Studies in the History and Culture of the Turks, New York, Dec. 16, 1983.
  33. “Alienation of the outsider: The plight of migrants”. Ohio State University Conference on “Urban Alienation: The Search for De-alienation Strategies”, May 4, 1984.
  34. “Culture of separateness-Culture of relatedness”. Ohio State University Annual Conference in the Humanities: “1984: Vision and Reality.” May 6, 1984.
  35. “Socialization as a key process in integrating social change”.  World Health Organization Workshop on the Applications of Cross-Cultural Psychology to the Promotion of Healthy Human Development, Mexico City, August 27-28, 1984.
  36. “Family change through cross-cultural perspective”.  International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology VII. Congress, Acapulco, Mexico, August 29-31, 1984.
  37. “Status of women and the value of children in Turkey: Cross-cultural perspectives”. The 18th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association: Panel on 50 years after suffrage-Women in the Turkish Republic.  San Francisco, USA, Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 1984.
  38. “Human problems in migration”. 25 Years of Turkish External Migration:  Research and Application as viewed by Turkish and German Social Scientists, Çeşme, İzmir, Turkey, June 7-9, 1985.
  39. “Alienation of the outsider: The plight of migrants” International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology Regional Conference Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Research, Malmo, Sweden, June 25-28, 1985.
  40. “An overview of a home intervention and mother training research with low-income families in Istanbul”. Family Dynamics and Child Health and Survival Conference. Aswan, Egypt, Oct 31-Nov. 2, 1985.
  41. “Psychology and Culture: Incorporating Diversity of Experience into Psychological Conceptualization,” at Two and a Half Decades of Cross-Cultural Psychology in the Third World Symposium; “Individual and Group Loyalties: Are they Compatible?” at Individualism and Collectivism Symposium; “(with S. Bekman & D. Sunar)” An Application of HIPPY in the Context of a Comprehensive Preschool  Program. “at Home Intervention Programs: Cross-Cultural Perspective Symposium: all at the  8th International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, İstanbul, Turkey, July 6-10, 1986.
  42. “Early Enrichment and Mother Training” 21st International Congress of Applied Psychology: Contributions of Cross-Cultural Research to Applications in Psychology Symposium. Jerusalem, Israel, July 13-18, 1986.
  43. (With S. Bekman& D. Sunar) Comprehensive Early Enrichment Project: Perspectives and Preliminary Findings. OMEP World Congress, Jerusalem, Israel, July 13-18, 1986.
  44. “Individualistic vs. Relational Model of Man: The Case of an Intervention Research in Istanbul” MEAwards Workshop on Assessment of Health Interventions. Aswan, Egypt, Oct. 14-17, 1987.
  45. “Authority, Social Norms, and Individual vs Group Loyalties in Social Relations in Turkey”, Workshop on Strategies for Solving Health Problems of the Turkish Ethnic Minority in Flanders/Belgium. Antwerp, Belgium, Oct. 29-30, 1987.
  46. “Psychology and Human Diversity” at the Cultural Identity Symposium; “Why Individualism-Collectivism?” at the Individualism and Collectivism Symposium; “Incorporating Autonomy in Traditional Child Rearing” at From Ideas to Research Ventures Symposium and “The Turkish Early Enrichment Project” at Schooling: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Symposium:  all in the 9th International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Newcastle, Australia, Aug. 21-25, 1988.
  47. “Search for an Alternative Model of Man: Enriching Psychological Conceptualization” at the IACCP Symposium on The Contributions of Cross-Cultural Psychology to Mainstream Psychological Theory, 24th International Congress of Psychology, Sydney, Australia, Aug. 28-Sept. 2, 1988.
  48. “Child Rearing in Turkey and an Intervention Research”. Invited Paper, Council of Europe Workshop on Educational and Cultural Development of Migrants, Limburg, The Netherlands, Sept. 21-24, 1988.
  49. “Implications of an Enrichment Program for the Immigration Context” in the Symposium on Socialization in Biocultural Context, jointly convened with L.von den Berg-Eldering, at the 2nd Regional Conference of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, Amsterdam, June 27-July 1, 1989.
  50. “Cross-Cultural Research with Immigrants and Minorities”, symposium convened at the 1st European Congress of Psychology, Amsterdam, July 2-7, 1989.
  51. “Women’s Intra-Family Status, Education and Employment in Turkey” International Conference on Improving the Employment Prospects for Women in a Changing Society, İstanbul, 7-8 Nov., 1989.
  52. “A Model of Family Change” at the International Symposium on The Changing Family in  the Middle East, Amman, Jordan, Dec. 16-18, 1989.
  53. “A Critical Appraisal of Individualism-Collectivism”, Workshop on Individualism-Collectivism, Seoul, Korea, July 9-13, 1990.
  54. “Linking the Indigenous and Universalist Orientations”, Tenth International Conference of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Nara, Japan, July 16-20, 1990.
  55. “Family and Socialization in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Model of Change” at Core Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology Symposium; “Decreasing Infant Mortality and Developmental Psychology” at Psychological Dimensions of Global Change Symposium; “Cross-Cultural  Contributions to Behavioral Sciences as exemplified in Recent Research” at Current Contributions of Cross-Cultural Psychology to the Behavioral Sciences Symposium, all at the International Congress of Applied Psychology, Kyoto, Japan, July 22-27, 1990.
  56. “Psychosocial Development: A Review” (Invited Address) and “The Assessment of Early Psychological Development in Cross-Cultural Context” (Workshop) at the IACCP European Regional Conference, Debrecen, Hungary, 4-7 July, 1991.
  57. “Adjustment from a Culture of Relatedness to a Culture of Separateness: Turkish Migrants in Europe” at Social Integration of Migrants from Collectivist Cultures to Individualist Cultures Symposium at the 2nd European Congress of Psychology, Budapest, Hungary 8-12 July, 1991.
  58. “Origins and Development of Psychology in Turkey” at The Origins and Development of Psychology in Different Countries and Regions of  the World Symposium and “A View From the Developing World” at the Developing Trends in Cross-Cultural Psychology Symposium both at the 100th APA Convention, San Francisco, Aug. 16-20, 1991.
  59. “Some Psychological Aspects of the Population Problem” at the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Program (International Social Science Council) Conference, Barcelona, Spain, Oct 11-12, 1991.
  60. “Programming for Early Childhood Development” (Plenary Lecture) and “Assessing the Readiness of Children for School and Life” at the US Coalition for Education for All Conference on Learning For All: Bridging Domestic and International Education”, Washington, D.C., USA, Oct 30-Nov1, 1991.
  61. “Turkish Early Enrichment Project” (invited lecture) at Home-Based Stimulation for Disadvantaged Children Conference (Utrecht University), Zwolle, The Netherlands, Nov 7, 1991.
  62. “Cross-Cultural Psychology and Development: Search for a Model of Man” (Opening Address) and “Issues in Early Human Development: A Challenge for Cross-Cultural Psychology” (Invited lecture) at the 4th Asian Regional Congress of IACCP, Kathmandu, Nepal, Jan. 3-7, 1992.
  63. “A Model of Multipurpose Training for Women and Families” at the First International Council on Women’s Education in Turkey. Ministry of Education. Ankara, Turkey, June 23-26, 1992.
  64. “Human Development and Societal Development: Linking Theory and Application”. Presidential Address at the 11th International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Liege, Belgium, July 14-18, 1992.
  65. “Indigenous and Universalistic Orientations in Psychology”; “The Turkish Enrichment Project and its Expanding Applications”; “Psychological Development and Population”; and” Value Priorities in Moslem-Influenced Countries: A Cross-Cultural Perspective”, presented at four symposia at the 25th International Congress of Psychology, Brussels, July 19-24, 1992.
  66.  “The Changing Family in Moslem Societies and Beyond” at the 2nd Conference on Islam in Europe, Agnelli Foundation, Torino, Italy, Oct 5-6, 1992.
  67. “The Early Enrichment Project and its Long term Effects” at the World Bank, Washington, D.C. March 30, 1993
  68. “Psychology and Population” at the 3rd European Congress of Psychology, Tampere, Finland, July 4-9, 1993
  69. “A Model of Multipurpose Non-Formal Education: The case of the Turkish Early Enrichment Project” at UNESCO Family, School and Literacy Conference, The Hague, The Netherlands, Sept 6-8, 1993.
  70. University lectures: “A Model of Family Change”, Psychology Dept., Leuven University, Belgium, Dec. 3, 1993; “Child Rearing and Family Change in Cross-Cultural Perspective”, Intercultural Pedagogy Dept, Leiden University, the Netherlands, Feb. 22, 1994; “The Self and the Psychology of Relatedness”, Psychology Depts., Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 23, 1994.
  71. “Family and the Development of the Self: Cross-Cultural Perspectives”, Opening Keynote Speech at the 52. Annual Convention of the International Council of Psychologists, Lisbon, July 10-14, 1994.
  72. “Whither Multiculturalism?” and “Two-Way Transfer of Global Research Information” presented at two symposia at the 23. International Congress of Applied Psychology, Madrid, July 17-22, 1994.
  73. “Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology” presented at a symposium on Cross-Cultural Psychology at the Cross-Roads at the 12. International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Pamplona, Spain, July 24-27, 1994.
  74. “Is Psychology Relevant to Global Human Development Issues?” Award Address; and “Parenting and the Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective” Master Lecture presented at the 102. American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Los Angeles, Aug. 12-16, 1994.
  75. Organized the Advanced Research Training Seminar on Human Development and Assessment and presented the opening lecture: “Early Human Development and Need for Culture Sensitive Human Development Assessment”, İstanbul, July 29 – Aug. 3, 1994.
  76. “Family Change in Collectivistic Society” presented at the Year of the Family Seminar on Family Facing the 21st Century. İstanbul, Nov. 21-23, 1994.
  77. Lectures in India: “Child Socialization Across Cultures” and “Linking Research, Practice and Policy: The Turkish Experience in Early Human Enrichment” at the TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay and ten lectures on the family, human development, cross-cultural psychology, culture and the self, individualism and  collectivism and related topics at the M.S. Baroda University, Baroda, Jan. 11 – Feb. 8, 1995.
  78. Key-note lecture: “The Relational-Autonomous Self: A New Synthesis”; “From Research to Policy-Oriented Applications: The Turkish Early Enrichment Project” symposium presentation at the 4. European Congress of Psychology, Athens, July 2-7, 1995.
  79. Key-note lecture: “The Self and Family in Cultural Perspective” at the Asian-Pacific Regional Conference of Psychology, Guangzhou, China, Aug. 27-30, 1995.
  80. “Early Child Development”. Invited lecture presented at a seminar organized by the World Bank, Washington D.C., February 21, 1996.
  81. Key-note lecture: “Perspectives on Human Development” at the 1996 World Conference on Literacy, Philadelphia, March 12-15, 1996.
  82. Plenary panel participation with satellite broadcast: “Literacy, Policy, and Practice” at the 1996 World Conference on Literacy, Philadelphia, March 12-15, 1996.
  83. “Parent Education and Child Development” a review paper presented at the congress on ‘Early Child Development: Investing in the Future’, organized by the World Bank, Atlanta, April 8-9, 1996.
  84. Attended a congress entitled, “Children First: A Global Forum” organized by WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank, UNDP, UNFPA and the Rockefeller Foundation, Atlanta, April 9-12, 1996.
  85. Participated on behalf of TÜBA at the “Forum of National Academies of Science and Engineering” organized by Istanbul Habitat II, May 31st – June 1st 1996.
  86. “Social Behaviour and Applied Issues” presented at the ‘Handbook of Cross-Cultural Psychology: Reflections from Editing the Second Edition’ symposium at the XIIIth Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, Montreal, August 12-16, 1996.
  87. State of the Art Lecture: “Human Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective” delivered at the XXVI. International Congress of Psychology, Montreal, August 16-21, 1996.
  88. “Perception and Assessment of Environmental Change: A Developing Country Perspective” (prepared together with F. Göksen) presented at ‘The Human Dimensions of Environmental Problems’ Symposium at the XXVI. International Congress of Psychology, Montreal, August 16-21, 1996.
  89. “Contributing to Human Development and Well-Being on a Large Scale: The Turkish Experience” presented at the ’The Utility of Applied Psychological Research for Society’ symposium at the XXVI International Congress of Psychology, Montreal, August 16-21, 1996.
  90. Invited Presentation on ‘Interactive Mediated Learning’ at the Parental Involvement in Practice Conference of the European Commission, Brussels, Oct. 1-12, 1996.
  91. Fifth European Congress of Psychology, Dublin, Ireland, July 6-11, 1997:
    1.  Organizer and chair, symposium, “Human Development and Culture: Universalist vs Culture-Specific Perspectives”;
    2. Paper, “Combining Cultural Contextualism with Universal Standards of Development” at this symposium;
    3. Invited Paper, “A Family Model of Emotional Interdependence” at the symposium on “Structure and Function of the family: Cross-Cultural Approaches”; Invited Paper, “Cultural vs Structural Approaches” at the symposium on “Cross-Cultural Psychology: A Stocktaking”.
  92. International Council of Psychologists Conference on Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human Development, Padova, Italy, July, 21-23, 1997: “Invited Address” on “Cultural Contextualism Without Complete Relativism in the Study of Human Development”.
  93. Invited Paper on “The Value of Children including Sex Preference” at the IV. Regional Congress of Pediatric Societies of Central Asian and Other Turkish Speaking Countries and at the IPA, WHO, UNICEF Pre-Congress Workshop on the Girl Child, Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 20-25, 1997.
  94. Invited Speech on “Innovation and Professionalization in Adult Literacy” presented at ‘Second Asia Regional Literacy Forum’, New Delhi, Febr. 9-13, 1998.
  95. 15th Biennial Congress of International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development, Bern, Switzerland, July 1-5, 1998:
    1. Paper, “Relational Identity: Development of the Autonomous-Relational Self” presented at the symposium on “Cross-Cultural Human Development: Reviews of Current Issues”
    2. Poster workshop on (with Prof. Trommsdorf) “Intergenerational Transmission and Quality of Mother-Child Interaction in Different Cultural Contexts”
  96. Invited Address on “Autonomy and Relatedness as Dimensions of Self in Cultural Perspective” at the International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society, İstanbul, July 10-12, 1998.
  97. International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology Silver Jubilee Conference, Bellingham, Washington, Aug. 3-8, 1998:
    1. Convened (together with Prof. Poortinga) the symposium on “Millenium Prelude: The Present and Future of Cross-Cultural Psychology”
    2. Convened (together with Prof. Georgas) the symposium on “Family and Self Comparative Cultural Perspectives”
    3. Paper, “The Value of Children Revisited: Comments and Perspectives” at the symposium on ‘Value of Children in Changing Societies’
  98. 24th International Congress of Applied Psychology, San Francisco, Aug. 9-14, 1998:
    1. Keynote Address on “Psychology and Human development” “Family and Self: Cross-Cultural perspectives” symposium convened (together with Prof. Georgas)
    2. Paper, “Self, Family, Culture: Implications for counseling with Asians” presented at ‘Counseling in Asian and US Contexts’ symposium
  99. Two invited lectures on “Policy and Intervention with Families and Young Children: Experience from Turkey” and “Socialization Across Cultures: The Development of Self and Competence”, presented at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Multiculturalism in Education, Community and Family Contexts, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March, 15-16 1999
  100. Invited presentation on “Functional Literacy, Television News and Social Participation: Linkages between Mass Media and Empowerment of Women” (together with F. Gökşen and S. Gülgöz) at ASA 1999 Annual Meeting, Aug. 6-10 (1999), Chicago
  101. Opening address on “Literacy Viewed from a ‘Human Development’ Perspective in Central Asia and Turkey” at Central Asia Literacy Forum, Istanbul, June 22-25 1999
  102. Invited presentation on “Status of Women: Level of Human Development, Employment, Health and Fertility” (in Turkish) at the International Congress on “History of the Turkish Republic: A reassessment”, Ankara, Dec. 10-12 1998
  103. Invited presentation on “Early Learning and Human Development: The Turkish Early Enrichment Program” at the workshop on “Global Perspectives on Early Childhood Education”, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., April 6-7 1999
  104. Invited presentation on “The Relevance of Child Development Research” at the “Conference on Culture, Child Development and Education”, Spencer Foundation, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., USA, Oct 22-23 1998
  105. Convened two symposia on “Psychology as a Science and Profession: Bridging the Gap” (Invited, under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science- IUPsyS), and on “Parenting and Human Development: Cultural Perspectives”, Rome: VIth European Congress of Psychology, July 4-9 1999
  106. Invited paper, “Value of Children Revisited” at the “Conference on ‘Ethnotheories of Child Development and Value of Children in Cultural Context”, Konstanz, Germany, July 11-13 1999
  107. Keynote Address, “The Turkish Early Enrichment Project: An Intervention Model” at the “First African Regional Congress of Psychology: ‘Psychology in Society: Challenges Beyond 2000” (Held under the auspices of IUPsyS), Durban, South Africa, July 18-23 1999
  108. Keynote speech “Cultural Mediation of Autonomy-Relatedness Dynamics in Adolescence” European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA) 7th Congress, University of Jena, Germany, May 31- June 4, 2000.
  109. Discussant in Symposium on “Acculturation as a Context for Development: Turkish and Moroccan Adolescents in Germany and The Netherlands”. European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA) 7th Congress, University of Jena, Germany, May 31- June 4, 2000.
  110. “What are the issues involved while developing indicators?”, Central Asia Early Childhood Care & Development Network Initiative, İstanbul, 3-5 July, 2000.
  111. “Value of Children: Theory and Research”. Workshop on “Changes in Intergenerational Relationships”, Reimers Foundation in Bad Hamburg, Germany, 13-15 July, 2000.
  112. Convened Symposium on “Where is Research / Theory on Human Development in Culture Headed in the First Decade of the 21st Century?” and presented a paper on “Basic Metatheoretical Issues in the Study of Human Development”. XVth International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Pultusk, Poland, 16-21 July, 2000.
  113. “Inducing change in the Value of Children”. Symposium on “The Value of Children Revisited. A Cross-Cultural Study”. XVth International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Pultusk, Poland, 16-21 July, 2000.
  114. Convened Invited symposium on “Psychology and Human Well-Being: Implications for Capacity Development” and presented a paper on “Promoting Human Capacity and Coping Skills in Contexts of Disadvantage”. XXVII the International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden, 23-28 July, 2000.
  115. Keynote speech on “A Call for a Contextual and Comparative Approach in Developmental Psychology”, 10th European Conference on the Quality of Early Childhood Education, London, Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, 2000.
  116. “Culture, Self, and Human Competence: Developmental Perspectives” NIAS Annual Uhlenbeck Lecture, Wassenaar, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, June, 15, 2001.
  117. Co-convened invited symposium on “Human Development Across Cultures: Paradigms of Theoretical And Applied Significance” and presented a paper, “Is There an Optimal Fit Between Societal Values and Children’s Developmental Trajectories?” VII. European Congress of Psychology, London, England, 1-6 July, 2001.
  118. “Internationalization: A Goal In Sight?”  Invited Symposium on “Issues in the Internalization of Psychology: Looking to the Future”.  VII. European Congress of Psychology, London, England, 1-6 July, 2001.
  119. Invited lectures in American Universities and other centers (Fall, 2001):
    1. Sept. 14 – Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Duke:  “Long-Term Effects of Early Enrichment: An Intervention Research/Program with Turkish Mothers and Children”
    2. Sept. 21 – Dept. of Psychology, Wake Forest University: “Autonomy/Relatedness, Family and Psychological Development in Cultural Context”
    3. Oct. 5 -: Dept. of Psychology: Social and Health Sciences, Duke: “Autonomous-Relational Self: Cultural Mediation of Autonomy and Relatedness in Human Development”
    4. Oct. 15 – Dept. of Anthropology, The College of William& Mary, Williamsburg: Informal Discussion on Anthropology and Cultural Psychology
    5. Oct. 17 – Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Duke: “Family and Self: Implications for Cultural Diversity”
    6. Oct. 19 – National Institute of ChildHealth&Development, Washington, D.C.: “Development of Self and Competence in Cultural Context”
    7. Oct. 23 – PACE Center at YaleUniversity: “Research and Applications on Cognitive Enrichment in Turkey”
    8. Nov. 12 – Princeton University, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies: “Family and the Development of the Self in Turkey: Cross-Cultural Perspectives”
    9. Nov. 19 – New York Academy of Sciences: “The Development of the Self and Competence through Sociocultural Change”
  120. “Modernization Does Not Mean Westernization: Emergence of a different Pattern” Symposium on Culture and Human Development: The Importance of Cross-Cultural Research to the Social Sciences.  Konstanz, Germany, March 1-3, 2002.
  121. “Long-Term Effects of Early Intervention”.  UNICEF Seminar on Early Childhood Development.  Florence, April 22-24, 2002.
  122. International Congress of Applied Psychology, 7-12 July, 2002, Singapore:
    1. Invited Speaker, “Enhancing Cognitive Competence: Literacy Research with Women and Children”.
    2. Chair and participant in symposium: “Value of Children Revisited”; and presented a paper on “The Value of Children: A Key to Family and Self”.
    3. Presented a paper on “A Theoretical Perspective on the Family” at the symposium on “Culture, Family and Psychological Variables: Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology Perspectives”;
    4. Presented a paper on “Culture and Human Development” at the symposium on “Cross-Cultural Contributions to the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology”
    5. Discussant at the symposium on “Acculturation and Adaptation”.
  123. XVI. International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 15-19 July, 2002 Yogyakarta, Indonesia:
    1. Co-convened symposium on “Intergenerational Relations and Value of Children in Changing Societies”; and presented a paper on “VOC Revisited: A Key to Family, Childrearing and the Self”
    2. Presented a paper on: “A Theoretical Perspective on the Family” at the symposium on: “Psychological Variations in Family Structure and Function Across Cultures”
    3. Discussant at plenary session.
    4. Discussant at symposium on “Acculturation and Cultural Transmission in Minority Families”
  124. Invited presentation on “Social Change, Family and the Value of Children” at International Congress on Culture and Health, 27-29 July, 2002, Brussels, Belgium.
  125. Keynote Address at ISSC/UNESCO International Conference on the Social Science and Social Policy: “Psychology as a Policy-Related Science of Human Development”9-11 December, 2002, Vienna.
  126. The Value of (grand)-children in the Cross-cultural Comparison. Paper presented at The Psychological, Social and Reproductive Relevance of the Second Half of Life. Bremen, Germany, 2002
  127. Keynote: Sosyal Degisme, Aile ve Insan Gelisimi: Islevsel Bir Model. At 12. National Psychology Congress (Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi). Ankara, 2002.
  128. Keynote Address at ISSC/UNESCO International Conference on the Social Science and Social Policy: Psychology as a Policy Relevant Science of Human Behavior in the 21st Century. Vienna, Austria, 2002.
  129. Religion and Science- Alternative Perspectives. Paper presented at IAP Workshop on Capacity Building for Academies with Predominantly Muslim Communities and Symposium on Science, Religion and Values. Trieste, Italy, 2003.
  130. “The Autonomous-Relational Self in Immigration Contexts” European Science Foundation ‘Forward Looks’ Workshop on Immigration, the Development of Psychosocial Conflicts, and their Prevention, 2003, Kopenhagen, Denmark.
  131. Keynote Address at Science for Society IAP/TWAS Conference: “Role of Social Sciences in Societal Development”, Dec 1-5, 2003, Mexico City, Mexico.
  132. Keynote Address: “Psychological Contributions Toward Enhancing Cognitive Competence”, Middle East/North Africa Regional Conference of Psychology, Dec 12-15, 2003, Dubai.
  133. “Culture and Human Development”, Perspectives of Cross Cultural Psychology Symposium, Middle East/North Africa Regional Conference of Psychology, 2003 Dubai.
  134. Invited Lecture: “Long Term Effects, Policy and Applications of the Turkish Early Enrichment Project”, University of Utrecht, April 2004, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  135. “Kültür Bağlamında Aile ve İnsan Gelişimi”, 9. Ulusal Psikoloji Öğrencileri Kongresi, 30 June – 4 July 2004, Uludağ University, Bursa, Turkey.
  136. ISSBD Congress, 11-15 July 2004, Ghent, Belgium:(with H. Keller) “Parenting, intergenerational relations and the family”,
    1. Poster symposium (with Bilge Ataca) “Old-Age security value of children: Change over three decades”, paper presented at symposium ‘Intergenerational relations’.
  137. IACCP Congress, 2-5 August 2004, Xi’an, China:
    1. (with Bilge Ataca) “Value of Children: Then and Now”, paper presented at symposium ‘Value of children and intergenerational relations in different cultures’.
    2. “A theoretical orientation to the family”, paper presented at symposium ‘Psychological variations in family structure and function across cultures’.
    3. “Where is culture at the individual level?” paper presented at symposium ‘Culture as a multi-level construct: The dynamic interface between levels of culture’.
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