We are looking for M.Sc. and Ph.D students in the areas of computational biology and bioinformatics. Chemical and biological engineering, Computer engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular biology students are encouraged to apply.


E. Sila joined Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute

Serena joined UC Berkeley as a post-doc

PhD student Emine Güven_Mairov graduated and joined NCI, USA as a postdoc.


PhD student Engin Çukuroğlu graduated and jo,ned A*STAR Singapore as a postdoc.


PhD student Güray Kuzu graduated and joined Harvard Medical School as a postdoc, he received the Koc University Academic Excellence Award


PRISM server is available, 2015!
Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting: Modeling of Biomolecular Systems Interactions, Dynamics, and Allostery:Bridging Experiments and Computations September 10-14, 2014Istanbul, Turkey


PhD student Billur Engin gave a talk at ISMB-2013 and received the F1000 Poster Award at ISMB.
Ozlem Keskin Ozkaya received the 2012 TUBITAK Science Award
PhD sudent Ece Acuner Ozbabacan gave a talk at ISMB-2012
PRISM protocol is published inNature Protocols.
Our paper on structural interaction networks in Molecular BioSystems was among the top ten articles accessed in June and July, 2011, 2012.
Our paper on Hot Spots has been featured in the December 2010 edition of Fast Breaking Papers on Science Watch.