I study gravitational physics, mostly using computational methods. I moved to Koc University in June 2016. You can find my publications in my CV or at inspirehep.net.
Room: Sci 215
email: framazanoglu at ku edu tr




I am currently mainly working on alternative theories of gravitation where scalar fields, in addition to the metric tensor, play a fundamental role. More specifically, I am interested in the spontaneous scalarization scenario in scalar-tensor theories. This is particularly relevant since such modifications to general relativity give a clear signal at strongly gravitating systems, such as those targeted by LIGO.

I also worked on quantum gravity in two dimensional toy models (the CGHS model) in the past, and have returned to this area recently. I did some work on neuroscience and foundations of quantum mechanics in ancient history, though I am not active in these fields.

Email me if you have a question. If you are interested in graduate study at Koc Physics, the online application system is at https://gsse.ku.edu.tr/en/. I have funding support from TUBITAK, and qualified students are welcome to join our projects.

I am teaching PHYS102: Freshman Electromagnetism and PHYS414/514: Computational Physics in Fall 2019. I will be teaching PHYS201: Classical mechanics in Spring 2020. If you liked PHYS101 or physics in general, PHYS201 is a great class to see if you want to learn more with further mathematical sophistication. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about taking these courses.