My research focuses on two general streams: healthcare operations management and behavioral operations management.

Healthcare Operations Management: My research in this stream primarily focuses on using models to improve our understanding of the tradeoffs involved in the design and operations of healthcare delivery systems. I am interested in problems related to preventive care, primary care and chronic care management. My current work is centred around a project on Models for Chronic Care supported by AXA Research Fund.

Behavioral Operations Management: My research in this stream focuses on models and lab experiments to understand human behavior in service operations and healthcare systems and how that impacts performance of these systems.

Funded Research Projects:

  1. Models for Chronic Care Management. Funded by AXA Research Fund, 2016-2020.
  2. TUBITAK 1001 (Principal Investigator),’The Effects of Uncertainty and Information Flow on Customer Behavior in Queuing Systems’,  (2013-2015)
  3. TUBITAK 1001(researcher), Appointment System Modeling in Presence of Seasonal Demand and Walk-ins in Outpatient Care, (2010-1012)
  4. TUBITAK Career Grant (Principal Investigator),’Modeling Primary Health Care Service Provision and Analyzing Its Effects on the Health System’, (2007-2010)

Honors and Awards

AXA Award, 2016

Finalist, Journal of Service Research best paper award for the paper  “Modeling Customer Reactions to Sales Attempts: When Cross-Selling Backfires”, Güneş E.D., Akşin O.Z., Örmeci E.L. and Özden S.E,  Journal of Service Research, 13 (3), 168-183, 2010.